Getting involved
Do you have some of these characteristics? Do you feel drawn to one of our teams below? 

Fellowship Team
These people are our party planners. They are the creative ones that plan our activities to help foster relationships with others.

Missions Team
Our team members are passionate about seeing the gospel spread locally and globally. They stay in touch with the missionaries we support as well as support the local outreach projects we have going on within our church.

Worship Team
These people are our musicians and singers. Though they are very talented, it's not all about talent. It's about a heart that wants to worship God and give Him the praise He deserves.

Youth Team
These are people who love students. They have a heart for the teens of our area and they invest themselves into the next generation of future leaders.

Children's Team
These people have a heart for kids. Whether it's in the nursery, Pre-K or the other elementary years, these people want to see the next generation grow up with a Biblical foundatrion and a heart that's surrendered to Jesus.

These people love people and they are the face of our Sunday service! They understand that they are the first impression when people walk through our doors, so every smile they give is done to show the love of Jesus.
Contact us today to get involved with one of our teams!